BABAM is more brigade than band. Like a volunteer fire brigade, our members respond when summoned, appearing on the scene with their ‘buckets’ of musical skills in-hand. Our strength-in-numbers keeps us from over-taxing individual members.

Through our music, we support organizations and movements fighting for justice, equality, community, and humanity.

Our musicians play instruments that can be marched with (amplifiers must be carried), and are prepared for and tolerant of Boston weather (most of our gigs are outdoors, year-round).

You have the bucket. Help us fight the fires!

How to Join

1. Go to Gig-O-Matic and create a profile for yourself. Choose “BABAM” as the band. Then select an instrument section.

2. Once you are added as a member (could take up to 24 hours), you will receive an email from Gig-o-matic with further instructions. Please follow them.

3. Log in to Gig-o-matic and select Gigs-> Schedule to see upcoming BABAM ‘gigs.’ Indicate your availability for them.  Then start attending them!