COVID-19 safety

Public protest, music, and ruckus-making are important, and even healing. But especially because of the COVID pandemic and possibility of airborne contagion, we need to be thoughtful about limiting risk to BABAM members, other protestors, and the general public. 

Evidence is limited, but so far it suggests that playing a wind instrument probably doesn’t propel particles any worse than speaking without a mask, but playing may nonetheless propel aerosols, the very small particles that can remain airborne and carry the virus. Playing wind instruments also involves deep breathing, which is a risk factor, although being outdoors certainly limits risks. 

To maximize safety, we have developed safety guidelines for our musicians and organizers. These include:

  • only playing at outdoor events where everyone will be wearing masks
  • wearing masks at all times when we’re not playing horns
  • taking additional measures for our horn players to limit aerosol spread
  • maintaining a 10-foot exclusion zone around each of our horn/wind players.

BABAM will only perform at events where we believe we’ll have sufficient control of our situation to play in a safe manner. During the event, we will be politely requesting that others give our members the space we need.

We hope to improve our guidelines over time and welcome feedback from anyone. Please tell the admin team ( or via this anonymous feedback form.


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