Anonymous Feedback Form

Feedback for BABAM
This form is a way for anyone to communicate with BABAM’s administrative team, anonymously or by name.
We especially encourage you to get in touch if:

  • You had an unpleasant experience or witnessed another BABAM member having one
  • You have an idea about how we could do things better next time or you just have an idea for BABAM
  • You had a pleasant experience and want to share
  • You had a great experience and want to be more involved with BABAM

Your comments will only be seen by the ~10 people who are on BABAM’s administrative team. Your IP address will be sent along with the comments, which is a setting we cannot change.

You can also contact the administrative team by emailing That will probably not be anonymous.

THANK YOU for being in touch. We’re figuring this out as we go along and your feedback or call-out is helpful.